Introducing My Second Font: Dear Diary

Just a quick introduction to my second font available in my Etsy shop. It’s called Dear Diary and it’s available to purchase for $6.98 CDN and includes a commercial license.

I’ve changed my website Noteworthy Ink into a portfolio for my fonts and have decided to concentrate on only fonts for now. I’ve been playing around for the last 2 weeks with different programs on my iPad for font making and have found a few I like better than Calligraphr. Here’s a quick little review if you are looking into font making on the iPad.


Calligraphr is the first one I tried out. There is no actual app for iPad but it is a web application that works well in both Safari and Chrome on my 8th gen iPad. Things I don’t like is that as there is no app you have to either download and print the sheets out and use a pen or marker to create your font, that actually might be a plus in some cases. I do like that I could open the files in Procreate and just letter it straight in there and upload, meaning I could use more brushes then are available in the other two apps.


iFontMaker is one of the two that have become my favorites. It has a ton of features that I am still figuring out. It was about $10 or $11CDN for this one up front before even really being able to play with it. I looked online though for tutorials to check it out a bit first and it was highly recommended. In the end, I actually prefer a different one though as this one is finicky and keeps closing on me without saving things.


This was a free download and this is my absolute favorite of the three, it has everything the other two have and then some. It’s free to download and play around with but you need to pay to export which is fine as I think it was a $12.99 CAD one-time payment to unlock all the features. It doesn’t have everything I was looking for however, they were super friendly when I sent suggestions and really dove into what I was looking for with me. I can see the font I am making in real-time and make adjustments before saving.

My Portfolio & Etsy Shop

Overall I am really enjoying font making and really think that I’ve hit on something that I am really going to enjoy doing, both for fun and to make some money. I have created myself a portfolio: Noteworthy Ink or rather turned that domain into a portfolio and an Etsy Shop and maybe one day I will be able to put my fonts on Creative Fabrica, Creative Market, & more.

Creative Frustration

I’ll get back to mental health and chronic illness blogging in a little bit when I get all this creative frustration out. I’ve been struggling for months and months with what to do with myself and every time I think I have it, something comes up and sidelines me. One thing I have always come back to is wanting to be able to illustrate & handletter on my iPad and make things like some of my favorite artists. For instance; Gia Graham, Natalie Brown from Threeologie, and Stefan Kunz. They are my inspiration!

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