Life Is What Happens When Your Busy Making Other Plans

It’s funny, I believe I’ve used this title on this blog before, however since I don’t have my old posts uploaded anywhere, in fact I’m hoping I still even have them, well I’ll just have to point out that I’m sure I have. The last month or so has been a whirlwind of things that I didn’t plan for and very little of what I did. I think I’ve also said this before as well, but it’s been an emotional roller coaster since even before Christmas. I’ll be honest, I can’t even sort out the time-frame of when things happened, or even sort them all out in my mind, but I’ll do my best.

I’ll start out with Waffles, our new 6-7 month old ginger kitty. He came to us Christmas Day and we had to leave him as he was a stray that we couldn’t get close enough too. I was heartbroken and thought about him all Christmas. Luckily when we got home a neighbour had also spotted him (he’s been hanging around them since he was a kitten in the summer and we believe he was born outside to a stray mom) and managed to get him and bring him to us, but not before getting the wrong cat, who we incidentally took to the vets and got a checkup and needles, then we had to do it again with the right cat. I’m happy and proud to say he is now ours and gets along with Mango well.

On a sad note, we had to have Max put to sleep not long after Waffles came along. I’m not going to go into that too deep right now as it’s a long story and kind of painful to think about and was rather traumatic on us all. I choose to believe that Waffles came to help ease the pain and sadness and I am going to leave it at that. I miss Max so much though. We both do. He was Eddie’s little buddy and he loved Mango so much. He didn’t get to know Waffles much as we were still in the process of introducing him when everything happened, but I am sure if things had been different he would have loved him as much as he loved Mango. After having Max for over 10 years and after having lost a number of cats over the last two years that were not ours but close family pets, it’s been really hard.

I’ve had a rough time with depression, anxiety, stress and even anger that I am having a hard time controlling due to a severely low mood due to everything that has happened over the last few months, losing 2 cats, deciding we couldn’t cope with Bella and then ending up with a sweet loving stray who needed our help desperately, among other things I haven’t even mentioned. I’m sure blogging about it might have helped some, but I just did not feel much like it till now. So here I am, blogging and still not really even saying anything. It’s the best I can do at the moment though, so I will take what I can get. Oh and I guess I should mention that we ended up not taking Bella after all. Her and Max did not get along and now that we have Waffles we decided that it was best Mom and Dad keep her. That and I was struggling to cope with her. She was a handful.

Mom and Dad initially planned to keep her, but they have 3 dogs and a cat already so she offered her to a local woman who lost her dog this summer, Jake. She used to walk him every single day around Digby and post pictures of “Jake’s places” on a Facebook group for pictures of Digby and area and everyone loved following Jake’s adventures. So when she lost him we were all so sad for her so I can not think of anyone better to be Bella’s new mommy then her. Her and her husband are awaiting a house to be built and are in a rental so mom is taking care of Bella she and her husband can move in. Mom’s loving having Bella around and I hope it’s not too hard on her when she goes to her new home, maybe not knowing where she is going with a loving family. They are already taking her out on walks and for visits so she knows them before she goes permanently. It was a hard decision. One of many we have had to make since Christmas, but I am convinced it is the right one.

In other news it’s been a super snowy and sometimes super cold winter so far. We’ve reached temps of -30°C a few times and at the moment we have a ton of snow and it has snowed for 2 weeks straight including 2 large storms that dumped 30-60cm of snow each time. The last week we’ve gotten another 2-5 cm a day on top of that. Some of it melted in between but we still have a lot more then I have remembered for a long time. I’m itching to get out and play in the snow but whenever I’ve had a chance something else has come along or it’s been too cold. I’m feeling “shack wacky” as my Granny would have said.

After coming back from Halifax we both ended up sick, of course Covid and specifically the Omicron variant was at the top of our suspect list, but after numerous at home tests we kept testing negative. It went through all of us, both Eddie and I and Mom, Dad and Denton. No one in Halifax that we visited (which we kept to a low number) ever got sick though. However in the meantime, my aunt and cousin and cousins boyfriend all ended up with Covid, we never say them though so we’ve still managed to stay clear of it so far. Unless we were testing negative falsely which I’ve wondered about, but doubt is the case. Because of being sick we never got our boosters, but they are booked now for February 6.

More recently I’ve started another Etsy shop. The Paper Craft Co. Etsy shop is doing pretty well and I’ve done about $620 revenue so far this month, $153 of that from today alone. Now, that’s not counting what we have to pay out for the products. I think greenback said about $257 in profit since the 1st of January so about 41 percent profit. Not bad actually now that I think about it. I think there is a refund in there, and some other miscellaneous expenses that aren’t fully business related but honestly I had a sale today of about $165 which is only going to cost me $35 to purchase and ship (dropshipping). I guess that’s really good actually. We haven’t abandoned our idea from a few posts ago with The Paper Craft Co, but getting a physical business set up just seems impossible right now with the Covid numbers, finances, etc so we are just biding our time and I am just continuing to do Etsy for now with it.

Somehow though we are still falling way behind in everything since I haven’t been working steady for almost 2 years and recently I don’t have anymore student loan to rely on. In fact, I am struggling to even want to go back and finish the diploma. I’m really enjoying the Etsy stuff so as I mentioned above I started a second shop: Mango & Waffles Co. – T-Shirt Brought To You By Two Cute Ginger Cats. I’ll put my first designs down below. I’m using a combo of Procreate on my iPad, Photoshop and Canva to create the designs.

I’ve been getting fonts and elements for the designs from Creative Fabrica which I have a subscription too to help me save a little time and plan on buying some from Creative Market, Design Cuts, etc. as well as using some of my own hand-lettering and illustration as well. I am keeping them fairly simple at the moment and trying to keep an aesthetic up (I think I’m saying that right lol) and keep things uncomplicated. I’m loving it so far and have 4 designs since yesterday. I hope as I get better I will be doing more and more of it completely myself without using any commercial and print on demand design elements.

Be sure to check out both my shops on Etsy and let me know what you think! I am still learning Etsy SEO and other things but I am happy with the way things are going.

The Paper Craft Co.
Mango & Waffles Co.


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    Shanae says:

    First off glad to see you’re feeling a bit better. So far I’ve been one of the lucky ones to avoid COVID entirely *knocks on wood, lights sage, sprays salt and disinfectant everywhere* I am so sorry to hear about your darling kitty. As much as she’s an asshole most days I don’t know how I’d deal without mine. Seems like your business aspects are going decent, even with the COVID setback on a physical store/setting. I think you’ve made some excellent progress overall!
    Glad to see you’re getting shit done this year and making some amazing progress. Good things come to those who work their butts off, which you have. I’m so happy for you!


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