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At the end of this post is a bit of a teaser for the project I’m currently working on (my own project and family business). Here’s the wireframe layout for The Paper Craft Co’s homepage. What do you think? I’m just looking to get the basic placement of everything down while I work on my business plan at the same time.

Featured Image by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

We’ve decided on the Etsy shop as just being a secondary source of income and a place for Etsy customers to purchase crafting supplies from us, but the main concept is going to be the website shop and blog. Essentially they will have 3 ways to buy:

1) Via the “inspiration blog” which will contain posts of how to make an individual craft with step by step instructions, photos and or videos and an ad items to cart button to add all needed items for the craft in the post to their cart
2) Adding individual items to the cart for their own craft projects
3) A monthly subscription box with mini Inspiration projects sent monthly

I’m also currently looking at ways to fund the startup of the business and website and cost of purchasing wholesale the crafting supplies to resell which we plan to package, brand and ship ourselves for the subscription box and just purchase and resell for the individual items. I’m looking into business startup programs for Nova Scotia and Canada, grants, loans and other sources of funding.

So what do you think? I think we have a solid plan for the business started. Any suggestions on finding sources of funding? Registering the business? And all the rest of the stuff that comes along with starting up a small business that will need a small-medium inventory?

Also what do you think of our plan? Do you think it’s solid? Are missing anything? Again this is just the start of the business planning.


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    Shanae says:

    So just realized I also commented with the wrong link *eyeroll* REPOST WITH THE RIGHT ONE AWAAY!

    I LOVE the idea of wholesale. I’ve considered it myself, but I don’t have the means to do start-up currently. In the future though! I think your framework is awesome, and a great way to catch attention. Especially right now with so many going back into lockdown your idea of doing kind of like a “build your own” and individual items may be just what people need. Hobbies help with being stuck in the same place day after day.
    The inspiration blog idea I think would be a fantastic selling point for those who WANT to be craft but have no idea how, or maybe someone with crafter’s block will see something and it’ll click an idea for them.
    I think you’ve got some amazing ideas going for sure. I can’t WAIT to see it come to action.

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      Kadie says:

      Thanks so much Shanae! Yeah, I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in a short time. We also do not have the means really at the moment as well, however I am looking into all kind of ideas from crowdfunding to government programs, grants, loans and any other funding that we can find. We’ve also decided that if we can get the funding to do it that we are going to look into opening a small shop locally as well as we’ve had a huge number of local artists and crafters say that they would really love to have a store here. I’m going to go into that more in my next post that I hope to write up at some point this afternoon.


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